April 27, 2009

Canopy of Blessing

The sky in Songkla, South Thailand is blue.

The sky in Kanchanaburi, South Thailand is blue.

The sky in Penang, Malaysia is blue.

The sky in Ipoh, Malaysia is blue.

The sky in the city where I live now is blue.

"Lan, lan tian" or blue, blue sky. I could not believe that my friend hasn't seen a blue sky in her entire life! "Is it true that the sky in your country is blue?" my friend asked. "Of course!" I cluelessly jumped with my answer. "Oh, lan,lan tian...." She wishfully sighed.

Not long after living in that side of the world, I came to realize that many people in that city have not seen a blue sky. All they have seen is a gray sky, a dark gray sky, a grayish sky, and a black sky. If a blue sky is a reflection of the sea, that place, being the world's farthest city away from the sea, would have a slim chance enjoying a blue sky.

Blue sky...... Such blessing often ignored!

I'm blessed indeed, The world is mine; Oh, God, forgive me when I whine.
Red Foley, from Found in a Book

Photos: Naomi & Ruth 2009

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