May 7, 2009

One Thousand Gifts

"When everything around seems gray and failing, feeling left alone with a long list of needs and unanswered petitions, then it's about time to start counting your blessings." This is a good therapy, no doubt about it. I've done it many times and have encouraged friends to do the same. But do I have to wait to be down and out and feeling low before I recognize all the blessings I have?

A dear friend has shared to me (also in her blog) about the idea of The Thousand Gifts which was introduced to her by another friend (in fact, there's a blogger community that is doing this!) It's all about making a list of all the gifts - not the gifts we want but the gifts we already have. The goal is to list down the things that you're thankful for starting from #1 until you reach to your #1000Th gift. My dear friend has reached her 1000Th and now starting with a new list! Wow! Well, if you think it will take much of your time and commitment to do it (like me when I first heard about it), my dear friend and that grateful blogger community don't think so. We only need a small notebook and a pen that come handy whenever a gift comes to mind. It's actually a random list, meaning, gift#5 is not more important than gift #10, it just happened that gift #5 came to mind first. I think this is a great discipline to develop a grateful heart! Not just another kind of therapeutic exercise.

Today, I'm making a commitment. I'm starting my own list!

My appreciation to all who are already doing it and an invitation to those who have not.
Let's join the Grateful Heart Community!

For my entry #1: God in my life.
Like the white and fragrant flowers (Orange Jessamine) that are now in bloom in my yard, His presence is so pure and is evident everywhere I go. I know that a flower is too simple and low in comparison but there's much about it that reminds me of God's sweet presence in my life.

Orange Jessamine is more fragrant at night (I can smell it from all over the house) like God's grace that is more real in the dark moments of my life. Its flowers bloom only for a day but another set is ready to bloom, fresh and white, the next day. Just like God's faithfulness, new every morning.

Photos by: RSM May 2009


LeaAnn said...

This is lovely Ruth!
I'm so proud of you for doing this and or figuring out what kind of "therapy" helps you. We are all so different aren't we.
We have all the same favorite books because you shared them all with me!! Thanks.
Sending Love

Cenie said...
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Daily Divine said...

Hi Cenie.

Thanks for dropping a comment here. I accidentally clicked a button and I lost your entry. Could you please send it again?
Thanks! Ruth

Cenie said...

Ruth this is heartwarming!.... and yes I agree that many times we tend to take the "gifts"-already received for granted coz we focus more on what we still don't have... "Lord, grant me a more grateful heart today."
Thanks Ruth for sharing these thoughts with me.....