May 31, 2009

Practice Makes Perfect

They're all ready to paint their masterpieces. Water color painting is easy. All four of them thought so.

"Why do we need to do all these curve lines?" The eldest asked for reasons. He thought he's too old for this exercise. "You need to warm-up your wrist, familiarize the color shades, and practice controlling the strokes of your brush." Teacher- mom, too, must learn patience in the process.

Training.... practice... exercise..... in life not always fun. But if one understood the value, it could be done with a smile.

The younger you train, the better. Follow the rules, you learn obedience. Repeat the process, you learn patience, concentrate on your work, you learn focus, keep distance between lines, you learn control.

Same object and medium, different interpretations. All four are equally beautiful. Then, they learn respect and appreciation.

They're all satisfied with the result. Teacher-mom was reminded again, there's no short-cut to perfection.

Psalm 144:1
[ Of David. ] Praise be to the LORD my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle.

Photos by:RSM May 09

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