May 18, 2009

The Queen of Fruits

I wonder why people call mangosteen the queen of fruits. Is it because it looks like having a crown on its head or because durian, the king of fruits, is best eaten along with it? It is believed that mangosteen has cooling properties that counteract the "heatiness of durian. Also, both of these fruits come in the same season. Hmmm...maybe only the people in Malaysia know what I'm talking about here....anyways, I'm happy to announce that mangosteen (and durian) season is here!!

I have yet to know a person who doesn't like mangosteen. And for all of us living in this part of the world, we're blessed to enjoy this season as it is only 50 US cents per kilo! But I wonder how the farmers and growers are feeling this year?

Two years ago, farmers in the southern part of the country had protested against the government. The price of mangosteen had gone so low that they refused to sell it in the market but instead, threw them all on the streets. I believe the got everybody's attention. More studies were done on how to best market this fruit. We now can see mangosteen processed into candies, teas, juice, and herbal medicine.

Recently, my friend and I bought a carton of 1 liter 100% mangosteen juice for only 2 USD. My friend said that it's her children's favorite and it is sold in the US for 30USD so she wanted to buy more to bring home to her children.

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