May 6, 2009

A Short Tour to Cambodia

This is one of the gates to Cambodia. This is Aranya Prathet border. I could no longer count how many times I've crossed this border. What I noticed, though, a few days ago, on my recent trip, it was more organized, cleaner, and no more stinky-fish smell.

Cambodia is quite popular because of its Angkor Wat (temple), one of the world's wonder. In 2007, 4 million foreigners came to see this temple (where Angelina Jolie filmed her movie, 'Tomb Raider').

For those who are yet to visit this country, let me give you a glimpse of the place...

A view from outside the gate. An elephant-sized push-cart maneuvered by a woman. An interesting local vehicle that is used to transport exported goods.

Patient men, with empty carts, waiting for deliveries back to Cambodia.

Another interesting vehicle! A custom-made over-sized truck. You think the size is too big for its wheels? I thought so, too.

Now, we have crossed the border. We are now inside Cambodia. More carts and diligent people to see!

Two of the many policemen stationed in many corners to watch out for illegal activities.

Men, young and old, are on the busy street to work from dawn till dusk. Here, you see a father and his two sons. What about school, pa?

I pray these men will soon hear the verse that says "Come to me those who are tired and heavily-laden, and I will give you rest".

A lady selling roasted chestnuts. She seemed OK balancing a not-so-heavy load on her head. No one would notice, though, that she's carrying a basket, full of chestnuts, on each hand! What a hardworking woman!

At the end of the long, hot day's labor, Cambodians still have their time to play! Here, in the middle of the road, at around sunset, men are playing a kind of local game. Hopefully, there's always a kind of play for every family in this country at the end of the day.

Photos By: RSM May 2009

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