May 26, 2009

Sweet, Smart and Seven

Dear Zoe,

You turn seven today! (May 27)

But even when you're already thirty, forty or seventy, you'll never cease to be our baby.

Here's some of your photos that show how you grow to be sweeter and smarter this year.

You are very playful and you like playing hide and seek around the house.

You enjoy hopping in the yard with Roger, your pet rabbit. You said you wanted to be a vet.

You are very eager to learn how to play musical instruments and you wish to play violin and flute.

You find tiny things, like this stuffed toy, really cute and you like squeezing them with you little hands.

You like to help in the kitchen and is always willing to do any chores you are asked to do.

You always have fun making faces and posing in front a camera.

You love Timmy and she likes playing with you, too.

You like taking pictures of mommy's flowers and also posing with them.

On Sunday, you surprised me. You asked Daddy to buy a single rose so you could give it to me. You are really thoughtful and sweet.

Always remember that Mom, Dad, Kuya, and Ate love you very much and we always pray that you grow up to be the woman God wants you to be.

Here's a poem for you from our friend, Laura.

Dear Zoe,
I hope your day is not dully,
because you're getting older,
and much bolder!
Have a great birthday,
In this special month of May.
Miss you like crazy,
I better go pick a daisy!

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