July 11, 2009

Bunnies Update

All six of them are healthy. Each day is a surprise to see them grow so fast. On the 10th day, as expected, first time they opened their eyes. My children were so thrilled. Another lesson learned.

Yesterday, Naomi and Zoe did their little power point presentation to show what they learned during a week of IT workshop. They gave an informative presentation on Rabbits. Their confidence was a proof the they know the topic by heart.

Soon, the four cute bunnies are ready to be given away. It's a real work to keep them happy and healthy so we all agreed to keep only two.

Rabbits are not good nursing moms, according to facts we got from the internet. Some pet lovers don't agree and I also doubt it. I've seen how Millie prepared the bedding before she gave birth.....and thanks to Dr. Zoe for patiently looking after Millie and making sure she feeds her babies when they're hungry.

As I was writing this, dear husband asked, "Is there a need to buy new cages?" I was glad he seemed enthusiastic about it. Unlike when we went out to buy pellets and milk supplements he reminded me of our budget....then I have to calculate again the cost against the kids learning experience, not to mention the joy of playing with them.

That's how we came with the agreement to give away four and keep only two.

When their visiting teacher asked them what comes to mind when they hear the word "home", the word "pets" came easy.

My heart prays as I watch them care for their pets that my children learn to serve and care for others as they grow.....


Edelweiss Acaso said...

Oh, I remember my childhood again. I was with my first cat when she first gave birth, her ob space was under my bed. Oh, I can still recall how she licked each of her kittens and warmth as she curled.

I admire your two little angels, they are so creative and nurturing. Your family is so blessed.

ruth said...

Thanks, Edelweiss. You're right! I couldn't be a prouder mom than I am today. Thanks for the visits.