July 13, 2009

Coming Home

I just finished packing our clothes in 4 suitcases. Five of us are going home tomorrow. It's been 3 years since we last visited our beloved country. Zoe has no vivid memory of it except that she's sure there will be lots of mosquitoes there. Naomi can't wait to play with cousins. Ben finally got the answer to his prayer.

We only have 8 days to spend. It must be compact with all kinds of emotion, both of sorrow and joy ....from embracing grieving relatives in mourning to welcoming newly born babies into families. It's odd to think that I'm going home as a grandma now that few nieces have their babies. Three years have passed.....soon we'll be back in the arms of the ones who bore us.....dear husband to his 83-year old nanay....myself to my 65-year old mama. Hours from now we will be revisiting familiar corners in our old houses, reviewing old photographs hanging on walls....savoring old favorite dishes...chitchatting with siblings..... it's good to be home.

Home, though not perfect, is always a good place to be. But maybe not to all...I know of few who cringe to hear such word....unfortunately, not all have seen what a home meant to be....But there is a place that I know....a place where I often want to go, a place of amazing comfort and peace...where smile is never rare and love is as free as the air.....and everybody is welcome there especially those who haven't tasted home yet. My prayer is for all peoples to be homeward bound to that same place.

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Cenie said...

Home, sweet home! Many love to go home especially homes that depict love, harmony, unity, compassion, sharing and caring.
Here's hoping and praying for a quality time spent with your lovedones and success to all your plans and endeavours. Have a wonderful and safe trip everyone. May it be one that is worth reminiscing and cherished for a lifetime.