September 19, 2009

Creation's Little Guardian

In her tiny hands she carried Heidi. Her heart was heavy. "I don't want to dig a hole for her yet." She was hopeful that the trip to the vet would help revive her rabbit.

She never left the table where her beloved pet was treated. Hand-clasped, praying and hoping....

The needles no longer scared her. Zoe carefully watched the vet's every move. She knew she could trust a vet. That's why she wanted to be one. She clearly understood the lesson we just did on man's responsibility over God's creation.

Heidi was in coma. Food poisoning... a toxic plant maybe. Heidi needed to be admitted. My mind calculated the cost. I needed dear husband's opinion. "Do it for Zoe. I don't care whether the rabbit dies or lives. What matters most is that Zoe knows we care for the things she cares about." So it was decided.

The little creature was given a shot, an IV and oxygen. This was our last glimpse of her. We left trusting her in the hands of her Creator.

We appreciate your prayers for Heidi...for Zoe's sake.

"A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast........."
Proverbs 12:10

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