September 1, 2009

Merry Christmas!

It's the first day of "-Ber " months which means Christmas is just round the corner! In the Philippines, we start playing Christmas carols in September. Then in October, Christmas decors are already on display in many shops. Christmas is the most important holiday for us Filipinos.

So, even away from our home country, we try to keep the tradition as much as we could although the 3 countries we've lived in these past years were not into celebrating Christmas.

Last year, we had few gatherings during the Christmas week. Here's one of them:

We had a mini-program in our garage.

The children sang carols and did a Christmas tour where they presented the different Christmas symbols and their meanings. It's good to be reminded that the things we do as a tradition, like hanging up Christmas lights and stars (or parol), have long history and meaning. My kids were thrilled to learn that a candy cane is actually a letter J, and the white, red and green stripes convey a message.

They also prepared gifts ( like the wise men did) and made cards to give away to guests.

We invited few friends and relatives for a potluck in our yard. We also played some fun games. It should be a joyful celebration.

And we sang "Happy Birthday Jesus" and blew candles on the cake. I believe that it is important for the children (and adults, too) to know that Jesus is not born every Christmas. It's just like celebrating His birthday. Some people can only picture Jesus as a baby in the manger who never grew up.

I know, every Christmas, everybody like myself, is busy buying gifts for everyone. I believe that it is also a good tradition to take sometime and think of what "gift" should I give to the beloved Celebrant ?

I'm now thinking of new ways we can meaningfully celebrate Christmas this coming December; more so, on what "special gift" I could give Him this year.

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