September 4, 2009

A Poet At Heart

There was a time in my life when I had so much passion about poetry, the beauty of words and phrases......ah, I could laugh or weep over one or two.

I even dreamed of becoming a published poet, a novelist ...... or anything related to it.

I've written few short stories when I was younger then but those I failed to keep..... I thought they could come easy and writing would never become a struggle.

Beautiful words seemed like the ink that freely flowed from the quill once it touched the much easier then...guess my pen ran out of ink now.

I blog to bring back the old soul. I admit it's not as easy as I thought. Many times it just comes out like a "report"of what transpired during the day. I wanted to go deeper and draw something beautiful out of the ordinary and often did I see beauty in everyday stuff but I'm always short of words to write....

Is it because I'm operating in the language not my own? Would I be a better writer in my heart language? Surely, my own children would not comprehend it. Does studying four other languages affect my ability in English?

These were the thoughts I had when I tended my garden today. The moment was so rich while pulling out weeds and beholding the budding roses....I wanted to write how much the experience has conveyed a message to my heart....plain words would be an insult for such an insight...

Until I found words flowing out again, I guess I would just say I'm a poet at heart.

Photos by: RSM 09


Anonymous said...

Dear Ruth - There is certainly a poet hiding in there someplace! I can imagine that trying to write in your second language (or is it the third or fourth) can seem difficult - but perhaps it limits you to just simply writing about what you feel without hiding behind too many words. Whatever the case, I really enjoy, and look forward, to reading your words - you bring the "normal" into focus. Keep at it - it is a joy for us readers! Love you - Ed

Daily Divine said...

I appreciate your words of encouragement here, Abang Ed. They almost moved me to tears....A million of thanks to you. Love and prayers, Ruth

marshasbiz said...

I love reading your words and I do hear your heart, Ruth. Mala

Daily Divine said...

Wow! Is this some kind of a reunion? I almost feel at home in this little corner! Miss you Mala.