October 29, 2009

Autumn Leaf and a Joke

I am enjoying my virtual autumn experience this month....visiting houses, backyards, and woods of my friends I met in blogosphere. I feasted my eyes on all the natural sights and the creative decors of many gifted women.

I live in a tropical country where we only have wet and dry seasons. The trees are always green and the temperature is either hot or hotter. No need for seasonal decorating. But I am blessed enough to have experienced 5 Autumns in my life.

My first Autumn was in 1998 when our family moved to Central Asia. Oh how much I enjoyed the turning colors of leaves! I remember finding a perfect golden oak leaf and had it pasted on a birthday card and sent it back home to my older sister. I never got any feedback about it until now. Perhaps she's thinking it was better for me to insert a dollar bill on the card rather than a single leaf. Much lighter to post miles away.

Ben was my only child that year and he was turning 5. It was only then that he first heard the word Autumn. I had to explain that Autumn is also called Fall. It's the time of the year when all leaves fall.

The next summer, Ben's first milk tooth fell and 2 other teeth were loosed. He came to me and said, with both hands covering his mouth, "Mom, it's now Autumn in my mouth!" Oh, that was the best Autumn joke I ever heard!

Note: Picture on this post is from Google images.


Anonymous said...

LOL OH thats tooo cute, Autumn in his mouth :)

LLJ said...

That is a precious memory for sure!