October 22, 2009

Fresh From Camp

 My son, Ben, came back this morning from his 10-hour bus trip from camp. He's more excited than tired to tell me all the highlights of the 6 days he was away from home. I'm just so glad that he had this another opportunity to get involved in big events like this one. This doesn't come often when you are homeschooling but this doesn't mean you are deprived because there's always opportunities if you just look around.

They have video clips on youtube that show how fun the camp was. Here's one sampler for you:

With the hundreds participants, it's hard to find my son's face on the clip but I got one photo of Ben (in black) that I copied from their official site.

"Remember your Creator in the days of your youth......"
Ecclesiates 12:1

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~ Judy ~ said...

There we go with things in common again Ruth! I too have a son named BEN! He is the namesake of my benmakesten blog:
Looks like YOUR Ben had QUITE an adventure!