October 17, 2009

He Speaks Through Things Around Us

Saturday morning. The sun was up and already bright when I walked out to the patio.

This is what I saw. A pool of light! I took some pictures and enjoyed the effects of the light and shadow on the wall.

Then I decided to have my morning reading there.
Ah, sunny day. Good to do some laundry before taking older daughter to the dentist, then buy a week supply of food. Come back and take care of my sick youngest daughter.

BUT just before we were ready to go.....

It poured without warning! So had to wait awhile.....took some more photos, this time of the rain.

I checked the clay jar outside. It would surely be full if open and in place. And we'll have enough supply of water for the garden on dry days.

My mind was hooked to the sight..... "Open your heart and you shall receive."

Receive what?

It poured so hard.... water to the brim and then to overflowing.

It was already after lunch when we went to the dentist. Older daughter's milk tooth wasn't ready to fall and already permanent tooth was pushing up. We needed professional help. But the dentist said there were four other teeth that needed some filling so she did.

Pay time. I ended up paying more than ten times I expected! I felt dizzy holding the bill. I ran to the ATM machine and got more money. My budget was ruined! I started to worry. Then I gave a hard lecture on not eating too much sweets and to brush teeth regularly. Poor daughter, still finding her balance after more than an hour on the dentist chair.

I came home feeling broke. Only half of food supply were bought. "What a day! What a day!"

I checked my photos before I wrote this blog. The I realized how God already knew what would happen today. He spoke through the water filling the jar. He knew I would need His joy today and He could fill my heart if it's in place and open.

And, oh, how I missed that command written on the wooden slab on the table. (see the first picture).

“Rejoice always” (1 Thessalonians 5:16)

Rejoice in the Lord always; again I say, rejoice” (Philippians 4:4).

Sometimes it is hard to rejoice. But that doesn't change the command. No matter what happens, we are commanded to rejoice always.

Haven't I written yesterday that He's our joy-giver? How fragile is the heart and how mind easily forgets!

I pray that my heart will stay open and in place to receive His joy that is not dependent on circumstance.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos, beautiful reminders. He know my every need. I NEED to rejoice. That's why He reminds me to do it!


Mrs. Santos said...

Dear Ruth~I love how you capture everything in photos. How true. I am learning myself that God is intimately aquainted with all my ways (Psalm 139) and that these little struggles (trying as they are) cause us to be more dependent on Him...which keeps us near Him. And isn't it the ones we are around the most that we start to imitate? Rejoicing with you.