October 23, 2009

Joy In Simple Things

Baskets! I love the sight of it. I wonder why I'm always drawn to it. It could be the provincial heart in me.....the sight reminds me my beloved grandmother who would carry one to the market every morning and comes back with full of goodies in it.....my older cousins would fill it with warm meal and off they go to the rice paddies to shoo away maya birds....

I don't really consciously collect baskets but I just noticed recently how I have accumulated a number of them in two years. I couldn't recall buying one but I know I have gotten a few from my sister-in-law's storage (Thanks, Fe!). I took some pictures of them last week and thought of sharing them in time when I feel like it. I guess it's today!
Maybe because we always move house so that's how I began liking portable things. Baskets are so light yet durable. Very cheap, too.
I use it as a planter, a pen holder, a laundry basket, a napkin holder, etc. Very useful. I even use it as cat littler holder. Than made it easy to move the litter whenever I'm cleaning the house.

A basket is one of the things I call simple and beautiful. And I truly enjoy having those in my house.

Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.
William Morris


~ Judy ~ said...

Oh I can just tell that the Lord is going to BLESS me through you so much!!! I LOVE the quote you have under this post! And we share a love of baskets as well! I use them everywhere!
Thank you for the birthday wishes you left on my blog!

Gae said...

You must be a kindred spirit. I have been collecting baskets for years, which is lucky as we have run out of bookcase room AGAIN.
My MIL always says she has never seen anyone with as many baskets as me. SHe isn't a balket fan though, LOL