October 18, 2009

Mural Painting

Once, there was a yucky wall.....

When we moved in to our new residence, the fence was painted white but dirty and mossy. There was a plan of repainting but a good idea came in time!

Our homeschoolers needed a new art challenge away from paper and pens. So dear husband and I made them scoured one side of the fence. It was quite a work but they were so eager to finish the scrubbing to move to the next more exciting stage - painting.

We used water-based paint and they just loved playing with the rollers and brushes. But having only white color was quite a bore so they worked hard to get to the next stage - mural painting.

Each had his or her block to paint. We used non-toxic colored chalk. Very kid-friendly and very cheap. But before the actual painting, they had to draw a picture on paper of what they wanted to paint on the wall. It's a quite a process that they were so excited to go through. So if you noticed their clothes different from the time they were scrubbing the wall, it's because this was done on another day.

Concentration.... focus....working individually...quietly. There was no need to tell them of these things, they just did it.

We're all so happy of the result. The biggest picture they've drawn in their lives! Surprisingly, the chalk paintings survived many months under the rain and the sun.

The following week, they started doing another side of the fence.....

Great activity to try if you have energetic kids and a wall at home.


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