November 1, 2009

Blessed To Be A Blessing

This Lovely Lady Lovely Blog Award was generously presented to me last week by ~ Judy ~ of BENMAKESTEN.

To accept this award, recipients should do the following things:
1) Save the image and upload it to display in your sidebar
2) Present the award to five people
3) Publish a post presenting the award which names your 5 recipients and tells what you like about each of their blogs/websites.

That's it! And today I have the pleasure of sharing this LOVELY LADY-LOVELY BLOG award to the following lovely ladies:

Renee at GLOW Academy. Another homeschool mom like me! It feels like I've known her way, way back then. She has a lovely way of making me feel at home in her blog. Very friendly and always ready to visit and leave encouraging lines in my blog. You've got to see what her only son, Jacob, has brought home from hunting!

Leanne at Joyful in Hope . I love it when she wrote in her blog that one of the MANY things she's thankful for was, as she wrote "I have a very HOT husband who loves and cherishes me every day." I just knew then that she has this sweet honesty that I like in a friend. I recommend that you meet her and see how she enjoys her time with her husband and 6 children.

Libby at Rosie Blog Design. I'm so glad to have bumped into her in the blogosphere. Lovely and very busy young lady, loving and serving her Lord unselfishly even in her very young age. You've got to meet her and check her blog designs and other blogs. And oh, she loves to help you beautify you blog for free.

Julia at Julia's Journal. A beautiful, talented young lady and a homeschool graduate, too! She could be an inspiration to homeschool girls like mine. I bookmarked her site as soon as I saw her crafts! You'll fall in love with her latest afghan creation. Check her out and you'll be amazed to see what she does now after graduating from homeschooling. She desires to be a Proverbs 31 wife. You would want her for a daughter in-law!

And last but not the least, I am honored to share this award to my very good friend, Theresa, who inspired me to start blogging and fell in love with it. Sad to say, her blogs Perfect Peace and Till The Whole World Know are for intended readers only and I'm so blessed to be invited. Her blog talk about real stories of real people. She is such a people person. She is also called by many as Mother Theresa. By that name, you already have a glimpse of her heart and you know that she deserves more than this award.

Congratulations to all of you! Keep those posts coming.



Renee' said...

Ruth, Thank you so much :) I LOve it

Renee' said...

Afternoon Ruth :)

and From Jacob:

LLJ said...

WOW! Ruth, how kind of you! I feel really blessed. What a nice surprise! I have enjoyed getting to know you via the blogging world.

Julia said...

Thank you very much! I am quite honored! :D I will try and post about this soon... :)


♥Libby♥ said...

Thank you, that's an awesome award, I'll post about it on my blog ASAP :)

Cenie said...

Congratulations Ruth! You deserve such a wonderful award. I feel blessed, encouraged, inspired,and entertained everytime I read your blogs. Keep up the good work and continue to SHINE for the Lord! God uses you in an amazing way!

ruth said...

Yaaayy! Cenie!!! Glad to hear from you again. thanks for the sweet note. Appreciate it. Blessings to your family from mine.