November 13, 2009

Books and Library Stories

I took my homeschoolers today to a field trip where we visited a big "public" library and ended up bookshop hopping instead. I posted a more detailed story in my homeschool blog but here's a bit of what happened.

We heard of this first class library on the 6th floor of a mall in the inner city, so we went. True, it's huge and very classy, with floor to ceiling shelves of beautiful books. BUT not "public". There's a membership fee of USD100+ a year. The books are not for check-out and photocopying is almost a dollar per page! Oh, how my heart beat even stronger for under-privileged children! I want to build one like this for them!

As non-members, we were allowed to have a quick tour but must follow strict rules and all those passport check, filling up of forms, stickers on our shirts, etc. Whoa! I'm just here to read!

You wont see any picture of that library here. I wasn't even at ease to breath, how much more to take a picture! Can you see the smoke coming out my ears now?!

It was quite a disappointment, so I decided that we should go to 2 bookshops. There, we freely read and were at eased to share excitements over good books we found. We also went to a second-hand book cafe, an old building but with very friendly atmosphere. Did more reading and browsing....

But I almost jumped to find the young reader's edition of my favorite book! I bought it for half the price of a new copy. This is my third copy of it.

I just loved this book! It inspired me more to dream big about our library project for the community.

And speaking of community library, I'm so pleased and excited to announce that we just got another batch of brand-new books donated from another local foundation for our library project! More books to cover and more shelves we need. But these are all happy problems I'm willing to face this coming week.

Oh well, that's my only post for today. And I'm looking forward to Celebrate Friendship with you tomorrow. Have a nice weekend!

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LLJ said...

What a wonderful thing to start a community library!