November 6, 2009

Celebrate Friendship Now!

I was so excited that a while ago I had a long distance chat with Carmen. Remember my previous blog about my friendship with her? She gave me a call all the way from Canada to Asia to expressed how pleased she was to read my first Celebrate Friendship entry. What a blessing to hear a friend's voice over the phone miles away!

I want to share this joy of celebrating friendship with you by inviting you to participate in this brand new meme. Start thinking now who among your many friends you want to bless on Saturday. Or if you're ready now, you can go direct to Celebrate Friendship. Don't forget to read Julie's at Benmakesten entry about her friendship with Amy. See what Julie has as a treat for her friend and why she's so eager to go to Washington someday.

Enjoy celebrating friendship!



tweetie may said...

helo! tita i read your new post today.... i think she likes your blog very much for her to call you from canada to bangkok....("')

LLJ said...

Looking forward to seeing your pictures of your vacation! that does look like a good book. Bing sounds like a wonderful person. I am blessed because my brothers married lovely ladies who are beautiful inside and out.
I hope you enjoyed every minute of your vacation.