November 20, 2009

Friday Flashback: Special Edition

In 2003-2005, life was hard for us.
We lived in a country far from home and the children were still small.
Our resources were limited.
Adjustments living in a culture, climate, food, and language not our own were difficult.
I almost forgot what it was like to want.
I was overwhelmed with the necessities of life.

On February of 2005,Pride and Prejudice, you gave this to me.

To own this would be a vanity at that time when we were struggling with poverty.

These words you wrote....reflects how much you care for me.
You don't only think of what I need.
My wants and desires you also take heed.

If you remembered how much I burst in tears when you handed this gift to me,
that's how my love is bursting from my heart everyday,
only for you, on this day especially.

Happy Birthday, my love.

It may be corny to say but it's not just for the sake of rhyme that I would dare say
"You are my Darcy."


Anonymous said...

Popping in to see how your week went, and hope you have a blesed weekend :)

Perfect Peace said...

It's fine with me to share "Overflowing" with others. The photo and poem should go together wherever they go!