November 12, 2009

Meet the Baby!

I got the permission from the mother to show these pictures to you; and I'm thrilled to do this first official announcement.

Baby Luke Spencer is born to Asian-African parents. Don't you think the combination came out beautifully? I enjoyed my experience of beholding the beauty of cultural interactions this week!

He is the biggest baby among his batch at the hospital (9.25 lbs, 55cm). The hospital staff were so fond of him and they called him "big size". He cried the loudest at the nursery and consumed milk twice than than others. He was cup-fed when his mother was recovering from the operation.

I was the first to hold him after he was brought out the operating room. I found it easier to carry him because he's as big as a one-month old baby.

Today, dear husband and my children came to pick me up from the hospital and send the new family happily home.

I came home tired but happy to be part of this memorable moment of Luke's new family.


Renee' said...

Oh He is cute :)
Jacob has 1/4 Filipina in him :) He keeps his pretty tan all year, well summer he gets DARK! :)

LLJ said...

Baby Luke is precious! How wonderful to hold a new born baby! Our Preston was also a big guy at 10.3! Amazingly he was also my easiest delivery though. Congratulations to the family for a beautiful baby boy!

~ Judy ~ said...

GOD BLESS LUKE SPENCER! (My Benjamin's middle name is LUKE!)I am so glad that his mother had a special woman like you by her side as she welcomed this dear one into the world Ruth!
I hereby grant you permission to now take a big, long, NAP!

Renee' said...

Moooooooooooorning :)

Shirley... said...

What a beautiful, sweet baby!! Congratulations to the sweet family!