November 15, 2009

Sunday Sightseeing: China Town

How does the Chinatown in your area look like? Or do you have one? In all big cities I've been, there's always a place called Chinatown. And in the city where I live now, the Chinatown is quite far, 1-2 hour-trip depending on the traffic condition. I've been to the place more that 20 times already but still get lost in a maze-like alleys. Here are some pictures I took during my last shopping for fabric.

This is the place where you can buy almost everything! You name it, they have it. This is where I buy my craft materials and school supplies.

Here, the price is almost 50% cheaper compared to that at regular shops so even weekdays the area is always crowded.

And this is my vision at the end of my shopping day. Feeling dizzy but happy!


Elisa said...

Ruth - Thank you for visiting my blog! Hopefully I will have many more fun sewing projects up in the future =) I LOVE these pictures of Chinatown...I would go nuts in a place like this. We don't have one near us though.

LLJ said...

Wow! my sister-in-laws would love that place!

A Gracious Home said...

I haven't been to China Town in a long time. I hope I get to visit again. Doylene