December 4, 2009

Friendship is A Soothing Balm

I attended a 10 whole day- intensive training along with 15 aspiring school administrators from different places... I didn't know anyone... I had to do tons of readings and exams. I was away from dear husband and children for many days...I wasn't familiar of that area and traffic was terrible....can you imagine how I felt those days? Though there was excitement for this kind of adventure, It was most of the time tiring and draining. But towards the end, I had the chance to spend the weekend with a dear friend in another city. I haven't seen her in few years so it was really a soothing balm to my soul.

This is my friend's guestroom. This is how it looks when I was there that time. I'm sure she made another beautiful decorating these recent days. But however she does it, it's always a place of rest. I have pictures of her other rooms in the house but will not show it here without asking her permission first. Every corner is beautiful and peaceful. There are shelves of many good books in the living room...well, more than those mentioned, what makes it a place of rest for my soul is the family living there.

She is my celebrated friend this week for my Celebrate Friendship meme. Read our story here.
Join me and other ladies in reminiscing the good old days with friends. Please click the friendship button below to visit our restful short stop.


Andrea said...

What a blessing for a weary soul after a time of chaos and work. Hope you have a great weekend.
Blessings, andrea

~ Judy ~ said...

OH it must have been so difficult to be away that long Ruth! But I know that God will use your sacrifice to bless the lives of those you teach!!!