December 22, 2009

Sweet Award From My Daughter

When my daughter turned 10 in November, I gave her a blog as a birthday gift. Now, she's very much into it (of course with my supervision) and is making friends with fellow young bloggers.

In just 2 months, she now has 4 awards from friends and she's so delighted to share some with me. The first she gave me was The Jesus Blog Award which is now in my sidebar, and this One Lovely Blog Award is the recent. (Thank you, sweetheart. That is so sweet of you.)

Please check her blog Sweet Life. She'll be thrilled to see you visit. Thank you.

By the way, if you're looking for gift-giving ideas, Judy of benmakesten has one very good suggestion here.


Goose Hill Farm said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Ruth! You certainly deserve it! :> )


Sharon said...

What a sweet daughter you have. Her blog is very cute! Have a blessed Christmas!

Shirley... said...

Awww.. That is very sweet! Congratulations, Ruth!