December 19, 2009

What Jane Austen and I Have In Common

We both have a heroine named Emma! Our Emmas have similar qualities, "handsome, clever, and rich", as Miss Austen described Emma Woodhouse. Her Emma, however , is rather spoiled. In fact, before she began her novel, she wrote, "I am going to take a heroine whom no-one but myself will much like." My Emma, I'm sure, will be liked by everyone as much as I do because she does not only speak her queen's language with the standard accent ( as I'm told by another Brit friend), she's so down-to-earth and old fashion at heart even though she's a highly intellectual privileged woman. With all her access to high and fast communication technology, she still would write by hand and post a letter to me. Yes, the one you fold and put in an envelope with a stamp and is delivered to you by a postman; still sounds familiar to you? How my heart jumped with joy upon receiving her sweet letter. That's how old fashion she is in many good ways.
Find out more about Emma, my celebrated friend this week. Click this link:Especially For Emma


Andrea said...

I am jumping over.
Blessings, andrea

LLJ said...

I always enjoy reading your friendship posts. Emma sounds like a delightful friend! I am getting the idea that people really want to be friends with you! You have a gift of kindness!

Thanks for your comment about alum. I have never heard of it used as deoderant or as a rock. Dan and I were very interested in that new information. Thanks!
I hope you had a great Saturday! I am still enjoying my Saturday morning and hope to accomplish a lot today!