January 14, 2010

Bloggers' Delight And A Notice

Awards And Blessings

Donna @ Blessings at Our House has graced my week with this beautiful award. Please read more here: Beautiful Bloggers

By the way, I'm experimenting on giving my blog a new look here so please bear with me. It should not take long...hopefully. Thanks!

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Kesenya said...

Oh thankyou so very very much for your lovely award !! I have never recieved a blog award before and I am just floating on air now !!! THANKYOU !

I just loved reading a little more about you in the answer to your 7 questions......please know that I think you are totally beautiful too ! Both your profile picture and the warmth of your heat that you display right here on your blog!!

I am also loveing the style of your new look blog......beautiful background you have chosen, and green is one of my favorite colours !

Much love always

Kesenya at Alice Jean's