January 13, 2010

Give Thanks!

God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today.
Have you used one to say "thank you?"
~William A. Ward

One thing why I like joining this meme every Wednesday is that I am encouraged to and set my heart to a grateful mode. I tell you, I often have a hard time writing posts for this meme. But that's how the enemy operates. He drags our feet from doing what is commanded from us. So here I am again after many weeks, struggling how to begin but I just know that before I finish this, something in my spirit would break though me songs of gratitude.

There are five things I want to thank God for this week, only five things yet very dear.

I thank the Lord for the woman who conceived me. She took care of me while in her womb, making sure she took all nutritious food she needed and was careful to keep me healthy and safe.

I thank the Lord for the woman who bore me. She suffered all pain so I will born into this world, normal without defect.

I thank the Lord for the woman who nursed me. She had to stand countless sleepless nights to make sure I'm dry, warm and full. In the mornings, she would lay me down on a hammock where her leg is tied to it with rope so she could rock me to sleep while she handwashed my clothes.

I thank the Lord for the woman who nurtured me, taught me godly values, and guided me on how to become a chaste lady. She taught me the values of housekeeping and cleanliness, to show hospitality even in times of poverty.

I thank the Lord for the woman whom I dearly call Mama. She is not perfect as a person but she is the best I have. I cannot repay her with all this gratitude but God is her reward for she has accomplished her God-given task - that is to be a loving mother to me.

Bless my Mama, oh Lord, with all the blessings you can afford to give her.
Ruth @ Daily Divine

It's no mother's Day nor it's my mom's birthday but this is my second tribute to my mom this week. On these days where I'm feeling exhausted and worn out, I remember my own mother and her days when all of us her seven children were growing up. I cannot thank her enough.

Express your gratitude by joining Judy and other ladies every Wednesday. Visit her here:
to see how to join. You only need to list 5 items to thank God for or you can do it your way. As Judy always says, "a thankful heart is a joyful heart."


Donna said...

What a sweet post! Your mom is blessed to have you as her daughter.
A thankful spirit is one that pleases our Father in Heaven~and it is an attitude that spreads to others! Have a wonderful day, Ruth!

Katia said...

Dear Ruth,
This is so sweet. Yes, our mothers have had very hard lives, I count my self a rich beyond all descriptions. Thanks for the invite to Judy's meme. I will try to go pay her a visit. I usually don't do too many memes only because of my time. But I might enter it this week.

Karinann said...

What a lovely tribute to your mother. I love the quote at the beginning of your post; it's very fitting for this meme. And you are so right about the enemy trying to keep us from the things we need to give to God; he certainly does not want us thanking God for anything. I am grateful for the grace that brings us all to Judy's meme to do so each week.
God Bless!

~ Judy ~ said...

My dear friend Ruth...this has brought me to joyful tears. What a wonderful daughter you are...and I thank you ... I am going to call my mother today and THANK HER as well!
Asking God to "give her as many graces as He can afford to give"...this is one of the loveliest prayers I have ever read.

Nancy said...

What a lovely way to honor your mother! Thank you for reminding me what all my mother sacrificed for me! I can only pray to be a mom like that!

Diana said...

What a great post! Thanks for sharing.

Goose Hill Farm said...

Sweet, Ruth~

What a lovely tribute to your mother. My mother passed away in 2004 and I miss her very much. Your mother is blessed to have such a wonderful daughter!


Colleen said...

Beautiful post. Love that quote too. God bless!

Pia said...

what a touching tribute to your mom. thank you for dropping by my site. hope to see you there more often. come join us on our weekly meme.

wednesday - word filled wednesday
thursday - thankful thursday
friday - fearless friday

God bless you abundantly this 2010.