January 29, 2010

No More Nursery Rhymes

I copied and pasted this from my son's blog. This is the latest poem he wrote. He's not sure if this could pass as a poem but I surely know it's not a nursery rhyme. Dear husband and I were so blessed to hear this from him. Please take time to read and leave him a comment to encourage him. Thank you.

The Zenith

In the Great River of Fire
With its flames always in a flurry
There is a Place many Men strive to reach in a hurry
For a Great Price may be received
But only to Those who believe

In the Great Tree of Immortality
A single bite of its Fruit one can live for eternity
This Great Tree is the Zenith
Some say It is real, to others, a myth.

To cross the River of Flames, One must not be afraid
For on the Fire a Great Bridge was laid.
At the Great King's Command
The Great Prince went straight at hand.

To build the Bridge, it was not simple
To finish the Work, He must be humble
He completed the Work at the cost of His Life
So that everyone may have Eternal Life.
Truly Great was His Sacrifice
But His Great Deed alone would suffice
To Save every Man to Eternal Life.

By the way, Bee Wise meme for homeschoolers is starting today.


LLJ said...

Wow! I was blessed to read it too!
Thank you!
(needs to be framed and displayed)

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

SUCH a fine young man, your Ben:)
I am headed over to Pen and Ben now to leave a comment for him:)