January 1, 2010

Once In A Blue Moon

It is our family tradition to gather together as extended family in New Year's eve. But for many years, it was just the 5 of us together to greet the new year. This year and the last I'm blessed to have my 3 siblings and their families in the same country where I live now. So last night we're together, along with other friends, sharing food and fun and lots of them.

One thing that made our New Year's eve more special was the moon-gazing we did. The moon wasn't blue as what some of us expected but it was more beautiful than the normal full moon we see every month. Notice the ring around it. It actually has several lines in different colors. My camera can't match the power God has given my naked eyes! This only happens every 19 years according to the news.

While waiting for the countdown to welcome year 2010, we played tricks with our cameras. We all wanted to have the moon in our hands. This is my best pose taken by my friend, Jenny.

How about you? What did you do on New Year's eve?


LLJ said...

That is so AWESOME, Ruth! I love it!

Andrea said...

Cool pictures..
Blessings, andrea

~ Judy ~ said...

I never cease to be delighted by your family's CREATIVITY Ruth!
We watched a family favorite movie...The Scarlet Pimpernel...played some new games the kids received for Christmas...enjoyed a BIG TREAT of Shrimp Cocktail...and as always, ran outside to whoop, holler, and bang pots and pans as the New Year arrived at midnight!!!
I hope you'll stop by benmakesten this week as there is an award awaiting you there!

Katia said...

I was planning on coming to visit you today, so nice you stopped by my blog, thank you. I loved this picture. We too had a very beautiful moon New Years. I wish I knew about it more then, I would have taken the time to take a picture of it.
A very happy New year to you and yours. May God bless your 2010 like never before.

Yolanda said...

I feel at home here too. I hope to get to know you better this year.