January 27, 2010

Share What You Learn

I'm excited to announce that our homeschool blog is hosting a new meme starting this Friday. It is called Bee Wise. I envision this to be a gathering of homeschoolers where they share what they learn during the whole week. I'm sure everyone would be more attentive to the details of their lessons so that they have something COOL to share at the end of the week.

It's very easy to join. Just write a post starting with "Did you know that.....". A sentence or two, or a short paragraph is just great. If homeschoolers want to make their posts cooler by adding picture, that would be excellent!

So, moms out there, I'm sure you know how meme works so please encourage your children to participate. This could become an extension of your learning rooms or something your kids can do during the weekends.

Read more here: Share What You Learn

Enjoy homeschooling!

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