January 16, 2010

~Surrender In Friendship~

This is the chapter title of the lovely e-book I'm reading now. . . well, I just finished reading but will be re-reading it to get more wisdom from it. It's so rich, almost a manual of life actually but is already summarized for us (busy moms) for easy reading. The author has done a real good job writing this so I invite you to get your own copy here: "I Surrender" E-book

I say that it's a timely gift from my friend, Judy @ benmakesten, as I am celebrating friendship every Saturday. Today, if you went to my other blog Celebrate Friendship, you'll read more about my celebrated friend for this week.

Before each Saturday comes, I already have names of friends in mind but I would pray and ask God who among them needs encouragement the most. And for always, each post does amazing job in blessing a friend's heart at the right time. You see, our Heavenly Father cares in everything that we do. Even in our blogging He wants to get involved. And I want Him in!

I would like to invite you to try joining me every Saturday and experience the joy there is in blessing a a friend.

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~ Judy ~ said...

OH RUTH! Thank you SO KINDLY for this lovely mention of my e-book! I am VERY happy that you are enjoying it! I really appreciate your sharing the link with others :) God bless you in all of your friendships!