January 5, 2010

Tea Talk

Tea Talk is a brand new meme that I will be hosting starting on Thursday. This is purely for heart's sake; a light talk to make hearts light.

This is an invitation for everyone to have a tea break for few minutes in front the computer and enjoy having a light talk with blogging friends.

This is how your entry would look like:

1. I'm having...(Share what kind of tea / coffee / drinks you're having.)
2. I'm feeling....(no need to explain why)
3. On my mind....(random thoughts)
4. Leave a line, a verse, or a quotation to encourage the readers (and yourself).

It must be brief. Remember this is just a tea break (smile).
Once you're done, you come back here to leave your link so we can have tea talk together.

You can copy a button here that fits the motif of your blog. I can customize a color of your choice if you want. Just let me know!

Click the button to take you to my other blog where I will host this meme. See you on there!


Katia said...

LOL I have a catefory on my blog called "Tea Talk" I really like your creativity with this meme. I am having company this week, but will try to join you maybe next week.

ruth said...

LOL! Katia, I was debating between Coffee Chat and Tea Talk. And I wasn't even sure if there's such thing as Tea Talk, haha. I'm glad there is!
I'm looking forward to see your entry on Thursday.
Will be coming over to read your posts under your tea talk catefory.

Karinann said...

I love this idea! I will join you for tea at some point on Thursday. Beautiful button!

Joyce Marie said...

What a great idea Ruth...I am looking forward to it.

Have a lovely day!
Joyce Marie