February 28, 2010

Finding A Safe Place

My 10-year old daughter, Naomi, posted something on her blog on Friday that I never expected to be relevant the next day for those who live in Chile.

Please pause for a moment to pray for the people affected by the latest earthquake. There are warnings of tsunami around the Pacific. May all of us find our safe place and security in God's hand.

Click on the link to read Naomi's post.


Donna said...

Dear Ruth,

I pray that you and those you love are safe...


~ Maria ~ said...

Dear Ruth,

Praying that everyone is safe and the Lord is keeping those loved ones within the circle of His safe keeping.


Goose Hill Farm said...

Hi, Ruth~

I was saddened to hear about the earthquake in Chili. Praying for all involved in this tragedy!


louisebah said...

was just at your daughter's blog. what a great post to share. may god bless xx