March 24, 2010

One Fine Day

On Monday, dear husband took our homeschoolers to the King's Park where we set a picnic mat by the lake. He prepared some fun activities for the them. I like it when DH is in-charged with our Monday special class. I just have to watch and enjoy learning with them.

This time I also get to enjoy a time by myself. While DH was busy with the children, I was away birdwatching and taking photos. If you clicked to enlarge this picture, you would see that the tree was full of birds. 

I went to the other side of the lake, enjoying a time of rest. This is one of my "green pastures"  where I feel refreshed and restored.

You see the 2 yellow boats on the other side? Those are my children enjoying their "green pastures" as well.

I also took photos of flowers, lots of them! I will be sharing more of them here soon.

"He makes me lie down in green pastures...He leads me beside quiet waters....He restores my soul." 
Psalm 23: 2-3

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Andrea said...

Blessings, hugs, and prayers,

PS: I pray you are having an awesome day, my friend!

Anthony Samson said...

Beautiful set of photo's

top5cats said...

Very nice, love all of the flowers too.

hobbyentusiast said...

Beautiful shots. I like it...!!

Shey said...

Ah! The joy of birdwatching and framing flowers with your camera. Fantastic frames! Very enjoyable day indeed. :)

Cenie said...

Wow!..... the place looks so peaceful and the whole place emits calming effect to the soul.... a nice place to be after a rough day at work. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed every view. I imagine you had so much fun that day...... Great shots Ruth!