May 9, 2010

"You have a beautiful wife"

I was the last one to join the family at the breakfast table yesterday. Everyone noticed me in my new shirt. One of the girls patted their dad's shoulder and said with an approving smile, "You have a beautiful wife."  That really made my heart swell!

One mealtime, we were having so much fun. I now forgot all the jokes we shared while eating but one line that really stuck clear to me was this:
"Thank you Dad and Mom for marrying each other."  

My 3 children have different personalities but one thing common to them is that they're so full of loving words to say. And if loving words were badges, I would be heavy with them.

Thank you, Naomi and Zoe for the gifts you made for me. Thank you, Ben, for the beautiful greetings you wrote in your blog.

Happy Mother's Day To All!


Marie said...

Happy Mothers Day Ruth. Thanks for sharing your heart with us! xxoo

Mrs. Santos said...

Your kids have kind words to say because you have modeled that for them...What a testimony to me...I need to speak more highly and kindly to my own children. They do what we do.

God bless you.

It'sSteph said...

How sweet! It's wonderful to record those precious things children say. I love reading about your family and the loving relationships your family shares!

LLJ said...

Aw! That is really so sweet! : )