June 4, 2010

It's good to be home!!!

Our 2-week trip went far more wonderful than expected! Although it was a work-related trip but we had time for retreat and also time alone to just have fun. Yes, we were tired hopping from one MTR station to another, and to meetings till late evenings,  but all these little troubles were blown away because of the joy of meeting old and new friends who are dear to us. Thanks to all our friends who generously welcome us and set aside time for us to visit.

Thank you, also, to all my blogging friends who dropped by and left birthday greetings for me. Yes, I had a wonderful birthmonth celebration! Lot's of surprises. Thanks to sweet hubby for coordinating with friends to make this month a memorable one for me.

There's more work for me to do before I can go back to my normal routine but I'm just glad to post a little now and let everyone know I'm  back and happily home.


LLJ said...

: )
Welcome Home, Ruth!
I am so happy for you that you had a good trip and birthday.

Anonymous said...

Great! After gd retreat & enjoyable moment, may you recharge for coming challenge! HE will be with you! Take care!!