July 3, 2010

Another Week In A Glance

Thank God. Another week past and it seems that we all did our best as a family to do our own part the whole week!

Sunday 06/27/2010

My son Ben busied himself pruning 2 tall trees in our front and back yard. That's one good thing having a big boy in the house! I can ask him to do things which are heavy for me and the kind of work that I don't want to bother my husband doing.

Monday - 06/28/2010

All our homeschoolers did their best to complete their Creative Storying project. We already published the girls' stories in their own blogs but I'm still waiting for the boys' to be finished. They didn't want to publish anything less perfect. We'll see.

Same day we said goodbye to David, another homeschooler who used to join us every Monday. He's going to a semi regular school starting next week. We'll surely miss him after almost 2 years of fun learning together. He'll be visiting every now and then, though.

Tuesday - 06/29/2010

My dear friend Sophia lives near a big market. She bought me some lots of fresh vegetables. And all these you see in the picture (more underneath) cost only 7USD!

Wednesday - 06/30/2010

They are the 2 of the 4 new students in my Reading class. We were already half-way in our program but the parents begged to let them joined in. Our program is free for the less-privileged children in our community and we rely on donations to keep our project going. I'm excited that our website will be live few days from now so friends can see more of what we are doing there.

Outside our learning center, there were flowering plants that are growing really fast. I love their blooms but I had to cut them down as it was attacked by insects and caterpillars.

Thursday - 07/01/2010

First day of the month. We had an appointment at the Immigration Office. We knew it's gonna take a whole day so we took the girls and our new homeschooler with us. So, it was considered a field trip day for everyone.

Oh, how they had fun! Precious, our new student is coming everyday to learn with the girls.

Friday - 07/02/2010

The new Monopoly Game that dear husband bought was a big hit! Everybody (except I) are excited to play every opportunity they had. They used to play in the family room but last night they played on our bedroom to entice me to join them. But really, it's not the kind of game I play. I prefer word games.

 So, this trophy has been passed around and is owned by the winner until the next tournament.

Saturday - 07/03/2010

You remembered Baby Luke? He's 7 months old now and he comes to visit us on weekends. That's our weekend highlight, to get to play with him. He likes taking a nap in the hammock in our patio.

Usually on Saturdays, we just play around, trying to get some rest. We are not hooked on any TV channel but on weekends the children are allowed to watch DVD and play some computer games. But it's my time to do some blogging too.

DH is cooking special dinner tonight!!! We love his baked lamb rack. We always look forward to it. We lived for 5 years in a place where the cheapest meat is mutton. We ate mutton almost everyday. Now, in our city, it's the most expensive meat so we rarely buy mutton and we serve in small potions. But he lavishes the meat with all those spices!

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Katia said...

Dear Ruth,
What a lovely week you had.
OK twin sister, I don't like Monopoly either ;O)
Your dinner looks yum!!!!
Mine is up also.

Mary @Raising 4 Godly Men said...

So very nice to meet you. [0= I have to ask do you live in the US or somewhere else ? And what a wonderful week you had. I love you hammock. I am going to have to dive more into your blog and learn about you. All these children outside of your family do you hs them ? If you do...wow. Yes, join up anytime.

Blessings in Him<><

Vernz said...

Wow, you really have a full week Ruth... and those lovely people look wonderful... have a great Sunday.. Thanks for Dropping by...

LLJ said...

I REALLY enjoyed reading this!
Thanks for sharing!


Phyllis said...

It looks like you had a wonderful week. Amy's link is up now.