July 4, 2010

A Flower for Teacher

Rosal (Gardenia Jasminoides)

One of the girls in my class came with a single white flower in her hand. She reached out her hand to give it to me. It's fragrance filled the room as it filled my heart with joy.

A Teacher for All Seasons
A teacher is like Spring,
Who nurtures new green sprouts,
Encourages and leads them,
Whenever they have doubts.
A teacher is like Summer,
Whose sunny temperament
Makes studying a pleasure,
Preventing discontent.
A teacher is like Fall,
With methods crisp and clear,
Lessons of bright colors
And a happy atmosphere.
A teacher is like Winter,
While it’s snowing hard outside,
Keeping students comfortable,
As a warm and helpful guide.
Teacher, you do all these things,
With a pleasant attitude;
You’re a teacher for all seasons,
And you have my gratitude!
By Joanna Fuchs



EG Wow said...

Isn't it wonderful when a student brings you a flower? It's such a pretty one too!

Manang Kim said...

I love the smell of Rosal, missed that flower. Happy Monday!

Day Lilies

Average Girl said...

You must be a great teacher to have a student bestow such a lovely gift onto you! How incredibly sweet!

Poetic Shutterbug said...

What a truly special gift. It must make you feel so proud that you have inspired your student. A wonderful story, flower and post.

Katia said...

Ruth, Gardenia is one of my most favorite flowers. I have wonderful memories of my childhood...sitting by my mother's gardenia bush and doing my homework.
My DH has given me three plants since we got married in 24 years, but it's too cold here for them in the winter.

Arija said...

Lovely gardenia and characterisation of teachers.