September 17, 2011

Another Opportunity to Show Love

October is coming and public schools in Thailand will be closed for a month. It's school holiday once again and it will be a good business for those who are running tutorial programs or any kind of extra curricular activities. It would be an exciting time for children of families who can afford to pay. 
Happy Community Foundation wants everyone happy so it will offer Reading, Writing and Craft classes FOR FREE to children who would be staying at home in October. We don't only want them to get busy and productive but we also want them to feel loved and important.
We would like to invite you to sponsor one of our classes. With the help you will send, we would be able to buy materials needed for our class. Please email us at 
Also, if you are interested in becoming our permanent sponsor/advertiser, we can advertise your site or product in our official website. More details here.

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