January 30, 2010

How Do You Wear Your Hair?

Do you wear it long or short? Curly or straight? How do you like dyeing your hair? What about a highlight? These are the questions that played on my mind as I waited for my turn in the salon.

How often do you go to the salon? Do you always have bad-hair days?

Although I'm blessed to be living in a city where there are more than one salon in every block and very cheap, too, still I seldom go. I always have that nerves when sitting on the salon chair. I'm just not a risk-taker when it comes to my hair.

My hair is my DH's stress indicator. He would know when I'm stressed by the way my hair behaves and he always reminds me to go to the salon and have a hair treatment but I seldom comply. Recently I went to have my hair done, paid 2USD and was satisfied. The couple who run the salon kept telling me how my hair was damaged and needed rebonding (which is a hit here). That's not the kind of sales talk that will make me pay 30USD. If they said "Look, you would pay for clothes this much which you would only wear occasionally, how much for a hair which you would wear 24 hours everyday!", maybe that would convince me.

But this post is not about my hair. It's about my friend whose hair story I would never forget.

Mary knocked on my door one day. As soon as I opened the door, she dropped her head on my shoulder and sobbed. "I don't have hair anymore!", she told me crying heartily. I ran my fingers on her head scarf and felt the pricks of what was left on her head.

Maybe you're wondering now what happened to her hair. Can you pause reading and made a guess? See if you got it right.

Mary kept her hair like a treasure. Her hair never touched with scissors since her birth. It was beautiful: straight, black and shiny. But only very close relatives saw her hair because she was told since she was young that covering her hair/head would be her ticket to heaven. So, she kept her head scarf faithfully.

One time, the campus where we both lived, made a law to not allow any women in campus to wear head scarves. Mary was a senior in college and she was torn between her faith and future. And the only way for her to save both is to shave off her hair. She did and it was ugly so the school officials allowed her to keep her hair covered. Smart, huh? But you surely can imagine her agony while shaving her hair.

She cried and mourned and I don't know for how long. But what can I say? "Don't worry, it will soon grow". That's the best line I could make that time. Oh, how much I miss her now.

If you want to know more about Mary, please click here:Friendship Without Barriers.

How Does Your Translation Gadget Work?

The first time I translated my friend's blog from English into my heart language, I giggled in delight to "hear" my American friend ( that was you, Judy) "spoke" in my own language. That was really, really sweet. So I copied its code and pasted it in my blogs. Oh oh, it was so hilarious! I didn't know that the translation was done word for word. In our homeschool blog, the cooking term 'boil' was translated as the skin disease 'boil'! So imagine having a 'boil' in my noodle recipe!

But that didn't make me delete that gadget! I noticed how my readers from different parts of the world started coming in after I had the translation gadget in my sidebar. Also, it has become an interest in our family to see on our neocounter what country we are read today. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and in my left sidebar you will see beautiful flags of different countries. Wow, what a privilege to be "heard" in that side of the world.

To our all my readers , you made my day each time I see your flag in my sidebar. I don't know most of you by names but I say a word of blessing to each of you and to your country. Thank you for following my blogs!

January 29, 2010

No More Nursery Rhymes

I copied and pasted this from my son's blog. This is the latest poem he wrote. He's not sure if this could pass as a poem but I surely know it's not a nursery rhyme. Dear husband and I were so blessed to hear this from him. Please take time to read and leave him a comment to encourage him. Thank you.

The Zenith

In the Great River of Fire
With its flames always in a flurry
There is a Place many Men strive to reach in a hurry
For a Great Price may be received
But only to Those who believe

In the Great Tree of Immortality
A single bite of its Fruit one can live for eternity
This Great Tree is the Zenith
Some say It is real, to others, a myth.

To cross the River of Flames, One must not be afraid
For on the Fire a Great Bridge was laid.
At the Great King's Command
The Great Prince went straight at hand.

To build the Bridge, it was not simple
To finish the Work, He must be humble
He completed the Work at the cost of His Life
So that everyone may have Eternal Life.
Truly Great was His Sacrifice
But His Great Deed alone would suffice
To Save every Man to Eternal Life.

By the way, Bee Wise meme for homeschoolers is starting today.

January 27, 2010

Thank God For His Word

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.
Psalm 119:105

Years ago, one of my students came to my house to learn English with me. When she was by the door, she heard my daughter crying in the room. "I spanked her" I answered when she asked why. "She did something wrong and I had to discipline her." She shook her head in unbelief. Maybe she thought I was too good-hearted and gentle to be violent to my children. "You cannot do that. God doesn't want you to beat your children."

I led my student to our learning room and showed her verses from the book of Proverbs that talk about disciplining your children and not sparing the rod from them. "Oh, I didn't know that. Our Bible has no Proverbs yet." My heart sank hearing this.


I thank God that He gives us His Word to know Him, His will and His ways.

I thank God for His Word that is translated in my own heart language. His Word is always available whenever I need guidance and wisdom for my everyday life. It points to me the direction to eternal life. It gives me endless encouragement.

I thank God for my literacy. I can read and comprehend His word.

I thank God for the men and women who translated His Word in different languages including mine.


My friend, Judy is hosting this meme every Wednesday to encourage all of us to nurture a joyful heart by counting our blessings regularly. Click here: ~A Thankful Woman's Book of Blessings~ to visit her and meet other ladies who are celebrating thanksgiving today.

Share What You Learn

I'm excited to announce that our homeschool blog is hosting a new meme starting this Friday. It is called Bee Wise. I envision this to be a gathering of homeschoolers where they share what they learn during the whole week. I'm sure everyone would be more attentive to the details of their lessons so that they have something COOL to share at the end of the week.

It's very easy to join. Just write a post starting with "Did you know that.....". A sentence or two, or a short paragraph is just great. If homeschoolers want to make their posts cooler by adding picture, that would be excellent!

So, moms out there, I'm sure you know how meme works so please encourage your children to participate. This could become an extension of your learning rooms or something your kids can do during the weekends.

Read more here: Share What You Learn

Enjoy homeschooling!

January 25, 2010

"I Hope Everyday Is Monday!"

My 7 year-old daughter's favorite day is Monday because that's when we do special classes, sports, and all kinds of fun activities for the whole day. One Monday when I asked our homeschoolers what's their hope for this year, Zoe, shyly but with all honesty, said "I hope everyday is Monday".

Well, it's becoming my favorite day too. Thanks to Peggy for hosting this meme where I get to meet many amazing women who share the same simple joys with me every week.

A Simple Woman\

Monday, January 25, 2010

Outside my window...
Sunny but cool. Just perfect for our swimming lesson.

I am thinking...

about our overnight camp in our yard this coming weekend. First time to do it so everybody's excited. This will be a trial before we take the kids to actual camping next month.

I am thankful for...

godly people whom God brought into my life. I learn much from them and they are always there to give me encouragement.

I am wearing...

white polo shirt, cream color capri and a merry heart

I am hoping...

to be more discipline in finding time to rest and be; and to go to bed before midnight and not be overwhelmed by the tyranny of the urgent.

I'm pondering on.....

this verse in the Bible:


I come from a rice-eating country where bread is not a necessity. After being exposed to many different cultures of bread-dependent people, the more I understood the importance of reading the Bible everyday.

I am hearing...

Truly Scrumptious singing : "Yearning, yearning, while I'm turning around and around."

From the kitchen

Vegetable salad, roasted chicken, and tortillas.

Around the house...
After seeing fancy and beautiful houses in many other blogs I've visited, I'm beginning to notice how simple my home sweet home is.

From the learning room....
dear husband just did a beautiful powerpoint presentation on different kinds of trees, their importance and symbolisms. For show and tell next week, homeschoolers have to do a research and pick one tree they want to compare to themselves.

One of my favorite things...

having coffee with dear husband

A few plans for the rest of the week:

to give my self a restful treat

Pictures I'm sharing....

What a joy to watch my man working in the kitchen with me...

and to see the bread rise on the second try!

Have a blessed week to all!

January 23, 2010

The promise of Springtime

The tree by our yard continue to bloom, with more flowers now. Just a while ago I saw some students stopped under it to take some pictures. If you clicked to enlarge the picture, you'll find a bird somewhere at the center. I just thought of sharing this for all of you who are in the middle of winter. I've experienced 5 winters in my life and I know how depressing it can be. I hope this picture reminds you of springtime that is surely on it's way.

"For the winter is passed. The rain is over and gone. The flowers are springing up. And the time of the singing of the birds has come."
Song of Solomon 2:11-12:

Yesterday, I was too busy to cook for lunch so I left my homeschoolers for a while to buy for some cooked food outside. In my host country, it's cheap and easy to buy food from hawkers and there are also some decent food shops almost in every corner. As I walked down the road to the next block, I was debating by myself whether to go to the air-conditioned shop or to the small time food stalls by the road. I saw a lady hawker with her 3 year old daughter and I thought buying chicken bar-b-que from her would help her family just a bit. So I sat on the stool beside her child and waited while she heat up my food, we chatted a bit. She has a hard life. She has 2 children and her husband is a handyman who doesn't have a permanent job. She has to sell food on the street while attending to her toddler. I left carrying my food and glad heart. I had lunch and made another friend. My heart is praying for springtime in her life.

Speaking of friend, please hop over to my other blog and meet my celebrated friend for this week.

And if you have some time to spare, my little girl would like to show you the new look of her blog. Please click her blog button on my left sidebar.
Thank you!

Scrapbooking at WiddlyTinks.com
Photo Tinks by WiddlyTinks.com

January 20, 2010

Thank God For His Promise

14"Because he holds fast to me in love, I will deliver him;
I will protect him, because he knows my name.

15When he calls to me, I will answer him;
I will be with him in trouble;
I will rescue him and honor him.

16With long life I will satisfy him
and show him my salvation."
Psalm 91 14-16

I thank you Lord for this promise you made to all who acknowledge you as God. We can hold onto this because your promise is true and you bring it to pass. Truly Lord, you are my protector. In your hands I can find a safe place.

I looked back to the years that gone by, I had many troubles but you came and delivered me from them all. More troubles to come, that I know, but you will be there as you promised; and I thank you that I can take comfort on this.

I thank you Lord for the years ahead. I have no wealth to keep my future secure. I depend on you for my daily bread. I know you are my Good Shepherd and in you I shall lack nothing.

Though the earth be shaken and the mountains crumble into the sea, I shall not fear because you will show me your salvation. In you alone I put my trust.


My friend, Judy is hosting this meme every Wednesday to encourage all of us to nurture a joyful heart by counting our blessings regularly. Click here: ~A Thankful Woman's Book of Blessings~ to visit her and meet other ladies who are celebrating thanksgiving every week.

January 19, 2010

Beautiful Day!

I woke up this morning with a glad heart. I just knew something good is going to happen. As I made my morning round in the garden, I was awed by the blossoms of the tree by our yard.

This kind of blossoms last only a day. So I grabbed my camera to capture today's beauty.

Tomorrow's is another to behold.

And that was only the intoduction of my beautiful day.
Today, my dear friend, Katia @ My Cup Overflows blessed my blog with a fresh new look which made my heart so pleased.
Thank you, Katia!
Visit her blog and your cup will surely overflow.

January 17, 2010

Thank God For Mondays!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Outside my window...

We're getting cooler here, starting to go down below 25 C.

I am thinking...

of beautiful things we can do to make more friends in our neighborhood.

I am thankful for...

the beautiful place where God put us now.

I am wearing...

red polo shirt and cream cargo pants and a hopeful heart.

I am hoping...

that because of what happened in Haiti more people would turn to God and realize that no other safe place here on earth but in God's hand.

I'm pondering on.....

The verses from the Bible that speak about glorifying God in everything that we do;

"shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven"
Matthew 5:16

I'm reading.....

'Business for the Glory of God' by Wayne Grudem.

I am hearing...

motorists passing by. Our road is busier than normal...I wonder why?

From the kitchen

freshly baked pan de sal (salted buns) for breakfast and wheat-oat bread for dinner. Dear husband baked again last night.

Around the house...

everything is in place, getting ready for school.

One of my favorite things...

to date...late night baking with dear husband

A few plans for the rest of the week:

pray, pray and pray some more.

Pictures I'm sharing....

DH and DS are fixing window blinders at the new community library.

DDs are making accessories. They sold many sets last Christmas and donated the profit to buy new stand fan for the library. Read more of that story here:Learning Merchandize and Charity

It's a joy to see the whole family involved in community service.
What a privilege God has given us!

Have a fruitful week to all!

Enjoy more Daybook here. Daybook Information & Guidelines

January 16, 2010

Sunday Sightings: Our Youth These Modern Days

One fine Sunday morning after church, we passed by this gigantic mall where young people hang out with their friends, showing off their latest style of clothes, cellphones and other gadgets and accessories their parents' money could buy.

I stopped. I couldn't help but took pictures of them. I was amused to see their look with those fake colored hair they wore.... surprisingly, my children just walked past them, never wasting a moment to take a look.

My son who is 16 and exactly of their age didn't bother a bit. He walked straight, content and confident. He didn't mind to be seen carrying his mom's brown and little sister's pink bags.

"It's Manga Style", he said, when I asked about what kind of fashion those young people are in. "Inspired from Japanese comics" he added.

My son is not behind the time. He is well informed of current events around the world. He is just not into things our youth nowadays are up to. And with Manga, he doesn't wear the style, he draws them on paper. See how he does it here:Pen and Ben

Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.
1 Timothy 4:12 NIV

~Surrender In Friendship~

This is the chapter title of the lovely e-book I'm reading now. . . well, I just finished reading but will be re-reading it to get more wisdom from it. It's so rich, almost a manual of life actually but is already summarized for us (busy moms) for easy reading. The author has done a real good job writing this so I invite you to get your own copy here: "I Surrender" E-book

I say that it's a timely gift from my friend, Judy @ benmakesten, as I am celebrating friendship every Saturday. Today, if you went to my other blog Celebrate Friendship, you'll read more about my celebrated friend for this week.

Before each Saturday comes, I already have names of friends in mind but I would pray and ask God who among them needs encouragement the most. And for always, each post does amazing job in blessing a friend's heart at the right time. You see, our Heavenly Father cares in everything that we do. Even in our blogging He wants to get involved. And I want Him in!

I would like to invite you to try joining me every Saturday and experience the joy there is in blessing a a friend.

image from Photobucket

January 14, 2010

Bloggers' Delight And A Notice

Awards And Blessings

Donna @ Blessings at Our House has graced my week with this beautiful award. Please read more here: Beautiful Bloggers

By the way, I'm experimenting on giving my blog a new look here so please bear with me. It should not take long...hopefully. Thanks!

An Invitation

Join me here:

Take a Break!

Don't be afraid to take a break. You wont subtract a moment, you're multiplying it.
Teacher-Mom @ Daily Divine

January 13, 2010

Give Thanks!

God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today.
Have you used one to say "thank you?"
~William A. Ward

One thing why I like joining this meme every Wednesday is that I am encouraged to and set my heart to a grateful mode. I tell you, I often have a hard time writing posts for this meme. But that's how the enemy operates. He drags our feet from doing what is commanded from us. So here I am again after many weeks, struggling how to begin but I just know that before I finish this, something in my spirit would break though me songs of gratitude.

There are five things I want to thank God for this week, only five things yet very dear.

I thank the Lord for the woman who conceived me. She took care of me while in her womb, making sure she took all nutritious food she needed and was careful to keep me healthy and safe.

I thank the Lord for the woman who bore me. She suffered all pain so I will born into this world, normal without defect.

I thank the Lord for the woman who nursed me. She had to stand countless sleepless nights to make sure I'm dry, warm and full. In the mornings, she would lay me down on a hammock where her leg is tied to it with rope so she could rock me to sleep while she handwashed my clothes.

I thank the Lord for the woman who nurtured me, taught me godly values, and guided me on how to become a chaste lady. She taught me the values of housekeeping and cleanliness, to show hospitality even in times of poverty.

I thank the Lord for the woman whom I dearly call Mama. She is not perfect as a person but she is the best I have. I cannot repay her with all this gratitude but God is her reward for she has accomplished her God-given task - that is to be a loving mother to me.

Bless my Mama, oh Lord, with all the blessings you can afford to give her.
Ruth @ Daily Divine

It's no mother's Day nor it's my mom's birthday but this is my second tribute to my mom this week. On these days where I'm feeling exhausted and worn out, I remember my own mother and her days when all of us her seven children were growing up. I cannot thank her enough.

Express your gratitude by joining Judy and other ladies every Wednesday. Visit her here:
to see how to join. You only need to list 5 items to thank God for or you can do it your way. As Judy always says, "a thankful heart is a joyful heart."

January 12, 2010

Why I'm Better Than My Mom

I'm better than my mother. I have many things she didn't have. I have collections of books that guide me more on marriage and motherhood. She would just rely on instinct and what she saw from her own mother.

I have washing machine that does my laundry while I spend time bonding with my children. She didn't have one when I was growing up. Much of her mornings were wasted washing our dirty clothes by hand. And cleaning the house would take her forever! She needed to fetch water from the pump outside the house and then would get on her knees with rags on hand to clean the floor. My house has tap water so I don't have to waste time and energy, and oh, I don't use melted candles to wax my floor. I remember how much mom would sweat scrubbing the floor with a coconut husk. I would just go to the nearby gym to get all those exercise!

I serve variety of food on the table and I can serve guests with a short notice of visit. My mother would serve only one dish together with rice at every meal. She didn't have the double burner that I have now. It would take her time to serve more than one dish over firewood which smoke could sting her eyes from constant blowing. She also didn't need my microwave because she didn't have frozen food to thaw. All her ingredients are fresh from the market she bought early in the morning. She didn't have a refrigerator to store them.

I had only few clothes when I was little, mostly hand-me-down from my elder sisters. My mother could sew only few clothes by hand for all seven children; with my electric sewing machine, I can sew fancy dresses for my 2 girls as many as I can, that if I have to. She's busy with mending more than creating new ones. And she did all her crocheting and crafts without using designer's guidebook. It's all from scratch and plain imagination. I have a collection of craft books and have already many brilliant designs in mind. I'm just waiting for the right time to actually start making them.

When I was growing up, my mom had only few friends, mostly neighbors. I have lots and lots of friends from all over the world. I can easily connect with them using the internet, whereas my mom would have to wait for weeks to get news from a friend in another city. I can be reached anytime through my cellphone. I can also chat with my friends even very late at night.

My mom was limited only to what was going on around her and what she heard on the radio. I remembered how she would place the batteries on our window sill so they recharge their energy under the sun, making sure she gets informed and entertained throughout the day. I didn't have to do that! And I haven't listened to radios for a long time now. I'm satisfied with tv, dvd, and internet!

And of course I'm better because I'm a lot busier than her. She didn't have emails to read and reply to, no posts to publish, memes to keep up with, facebook status to update, and she didn't have appointments to a masseur to relieve her stress!

God bless our mothers who had harder lives than we do and yet found satisfaction in the simplicity of their ordinary days.

Photos are from photosharing, not mine.

My Heart's Prayer Today

January 11, 2010

Busy Monday!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Outside my window...

Hot and sunny. It's good that it's a bit breezy. We missed the cold season. We normally have 15 degree Celcius in January but it seems like we stay on 30 and going up!

I am thinking...

of working double time this week. I'm feeling behind everything.

I am thankful for...

for my wonderful dear husband! For everything he is and he does for me and my children. He keeps the whole family close to God and not wander from His will.

I am wearing...

white shirt and a sport pants. We're having table tennis session.

I am hoping...

to get a house help or an assistant in our learning center. I'm feeling overworked, honestly.

I'm pondering on.....

The verses from the Bible that speak about rest:

He makes me lie down in green pasture; He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul.
Psalm 23:2-3
I lie down and sleep;I wake again, because the Lord sustains me.
Psalm 3:5

I am hearing...

my mind busily buzzing. surely needing a good rest.

From the kitchen

the sweet smell of freshly baked banana cake cooling down on the rack. Can't wait for tea time.

Around the house...

busiest day!!! We're having lunch break from our homeschool activities. So I'm able to post this. Mondays are busy days for us. That's when we do sports, practical arts, and assembly. Dear husband taught on budgeting time and money today.
One of my favorite things...

to date...making posters /cards using own photos.

A few plans for the rest of the week: finish pruning plants outside our front yard, move more furniture and books to the other building, buy kids new school uniform. Yes, we like them to wear uniform so they don't feel very different from other children going to regular schools. We made them ID cards, too.

Pictures I'm sharing....

It's a joy to see my homeschoolers enjoying the product of their labor. They baked 30 pieces of perfect oatmeal cookies last week. Now, they're in the kitchen, baking again.
If you noticed Ben in blue shirt, he's 16 but he likes to kid around with the young ones. It's amazing how he can go down to their level and then he can also be so serious when with adults. He just started
his own blog featuring his drawings. He'll be encouraged to pursue this seriously if you pay him a visit. Thanks!

Thank you to Peggy for hosting the meme. Visit her and other ladies here:
Daybook Information & Guidelines

January 10, 2010

Praise His Name!

Our camera is retiring after many years serving the family. Some important features and buttons are no longer working. But in its last days I'm glad I can still take good photos like this. Only the verse is "photoshopped", the photo color is original. You can copy and use it however you want.

Have a blessed weekend!

January 8, 2010

New Buttons For Celebrate Friendship Meme

For those who have been with me every Saturday for Celebrate Friendship meme (Judy and Karinann, specifically), please know that we have a new button starting tomorrow. I made 2 designs for you to choose from.

For those of you who don't know about this meme yet, I started this 10 weeks ago. This is my way of honoring my friends. I've been so much blessed by the way my celebrated friends responded to my posts so I'm inviting everyone to try joining me and other ladies to this special friendship celebration.

Here are the 3 easy steps:

1) Share a bit about your friend and your relationship.
2) Offer your friend a virtual gift in your post. It could be a bouquet of flowers, a cup of tea, etc.
3) Write a note to your friend in your post.

After you published your post, come back here and find McLinky under my own post and leave your link (post url, not blog url). Don't forget to mention my link in your post in that way we can all celebrate together. If this sounds complicated, just read previous entries here:Friendship Celebration to give you an idea how it is done. You can do it with a twist however your creativity would want you to do it.

I'm looking forward to celebrating friendship with you tomorrow.

My Heart's Delight

Verses, quotes, flowers, and photography; all in one here. Feel free to copy. You have my permission. More to come.

January 7, 2010

Have A Tea Break With Me

Come and join me in my new Tea Talk meme. Please click the button below. Thank you!

Tea beckons us to enjoy quality time with friends and loved ones, and especially to rediscover the art of relaxed conversation.


January 6, 2010

Good Things Are From Above

Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow.
James 1:17

As I clicked the "new post" button to start writing this post, rain started to pour thus this verse came to mind.... this is the first rain in many weeks.

Thank you Lord for the rain that does not only water my garden but also reminds me that You are the Giver of good and perfect gifts.

Thank you for giving me loving children whose heart are after you. My heart was blessed this morning as I was reviewing my their prayer journals. Oh, how my heart swelled with joy when I heard little Zoe said as she hugged her Bible "How good it is to read the Bible!"

Thank you Lord that our first day at the new learning center went very well today. I was worried days ago that this day's gonna be an exhausting one for everyone. But all lessons were done on time and I was able to do my work and study, too.

I thank you Lord for taking me this far in my blogging activity. I never thought I would be learning so many things from this. And I so enjoyed the gifts of friendship you showered me through this.

I can't thank you enough, Lord, for how You're so gracious with me everyday. You love me just the way I am. You understand me more than I understand myself. Your love is unconditional. I often see this in my husband's love for me. I know that his love for me cannot equal yours but you have given him to me as a perfect match who shows me Your kind of love everyday.

- - 0 - -
If you want to honor God by expressing your thanksgiving in this way, my dear friend Judy of A thankful Woman's Book of Blessings will be blessed to welcome you. Click the 'horn of plenty' button above to get you to her blog.

January 5, 2010

Tea Talk

Tea Talk is a brand new meme that I will be hosting starting on Thursday. This is purely for heart's sake; a light talk to make hearts light.

This is an invitation for everyone to have a tea break for few minutes in front the computer and enjoy having a light talk with blogging friends.

This is how your entry would look like:

1. I'm having...(Share what kind of tea / coffee / drinks you're having.)
2. I'm feeling....(no need to explain why)
3. On my mind....(random thoughts)
4. Leave a line, a verse, or a quotation to encourage the readers (and yourself).

It must be brief. Remember this is just a tea break (smile).
Once you're done, you come back here to leave your link so we can have tea talk together.

You can copy a button here that fits the motif of your blog. I can customize a color of your choice if you want. Just let me know!

Click the button to take you to my other blog where I will host this meme. See you on there!

January 4, 2010

First Monday of 2010

Monday, January 4, 2010

Outside my window...

Sunny as usual, and hot! not a good time for me to do some work in the yard. Well, I did a bit of gardening early this morning.

I am thinking...

of how fast my children grow and the family budget, too!

I am thankful for...

the way God supplied ALL our needs (and wants) last year.

I am wearing...

a red polo shirt and a cream linen long pants.

I am going...

to do more writing and more baking during my spare time this week.

I am hoping...

we have a smooth adjustment to our new homeschool schedule this week. Also, DH and I are hoping we can have a spiritual retreat together soon.

I'm pondering on.....

God's promise in Hebrews 13:5 that He will never leave me nor forsake me. As I look forward to this new year, I tend to worry about our growing needs and the new challenges my husband and I are facing with the charity work we had just started.

I am hearing...

songs from the movie "Sound of Music". We have an unplanned extended vacation today so the girls are happily watching their favorite movie.

I am reading...

Stones into Schools: Promoting Peace with Books... by Greg Mortenson. The book was a Christmas gift from my son. He knows what makes me happy.
Am also rereading my friends' special notes here:Kind Words and Friendship

From the kitchen

We had chicken adobo and mashed potato with boiled baby carrots and sweet peas. so yummy... It was a hit!

Around the house...

spacious, less furniture now that we moved the learning room to the community library building.

One of my favorite things...

taking pictures of flowers. I have lots of them to post.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
focus on our homeschool program planning.

Picture I'm sharing....

I'm so delighted to have bought this little 2010 desk calendar. It has 12 pictures of lovely butterflies with beautiful Bible verses on the theme Follow His Heart. It so fits my blog's theme. And I know He's inviting me to draw my heart closer to Him this year.

This Daybook has become a blessing to me each week. It made me more grateful as I learn to take joy in the simple things I have in my daily life. I encourage you to join and visit Peggy, the kind hostess of this meme,. For guidelines on how to join, please click this link: Daybook Information & Guidelines . Here, you'll also find hundreds of ladies enjoying this same Daybook as I do.