December 4, 2011

Daddy's Girl...Like Mother Like Daughter

"I read your blog in my office." 
Those words came as a beautiful tune and set my heart to dancing. My Pa reads my blog. Hah! I can't be prouder. 
I skyped with him this morning and was excited to hear that he just got back from Macau and Hong Kong. It's not his first trip abroad. He's been to Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand. But I'm just thrilled to hear stories from his trips especially to places I've been so I asked a time to skype with him. Guess, I'm just being a Daddy's girl.

As I watched my daughter the way she relates to her Dad with much endearment, I could identify with her. 
I wished I have photos of my moments with my Pa to show my daughter how much I'm like her. 

On the train to Malaysia in 2010
My children are blessed to be born in digital age and I enjoy the job of framing moments for them.

On the train from Penang to Thailand in 2010
I can no longer remember the details being alone with my Pa but I know the feeling was always of love and security when he was around.

In Bangkok on January 1, 2009
"Think first before making a move." That's what he would always tell me when playing chess with him. "Don't ask for help unless you've used up your brains." Sounds strict but that's how he motivated me to pursue academic independence. I aimed high because I was confident that he's there to catch me if I fall. He did and never failed.

On the plane to the Philippines in July 2009. Naomi always wants a seat beside Dad.
So this morning, we talked about his recent trip. I mused as I listened. I knew what he's talking about. I've been to those places, and even to more countries than he's been to. At some point, we're even. I'm no longer that little girl anymore. I've grown and now have my own "daddy's girl". 
My Pa reads my blog, and he'll be reading this soon. He will smile and his heart will dance to the same tune I'm dancing now. 
Happy *Father's Day to my beloved Papa. I'm older than 40 now but a part of me is still a "papa's girl".

The only picture of me and my Pa together.

*In Thailand, where I reside at present, Father's Day is celebrated every 5th of December, in time of his majesty King Bhumibol's birthday.