January 11, 2012

A Smile of Pure Delight

He was in my class yesterday...or rather I was in his class yesterday.
I couldn't recall his name. The fact that all of the students's names have 3-4 syllables and sound almost the same,  he's also just one of the hundreds of students I get to teach each week and I've seen him only once before. But something in him caught my attention - his smile. Oh, how I loved that big smile when I called him to the board to point at the correct picture. Then he smiled at me again when I gave him 3 stars. That's when I thought of framing that  picture of pure delight!
BUT he hid it when I clicked the shutter. Maybe he didn't want the world to know that he's harelipped.

Our volunteer teaching team was given an opportunity to teach English in all classes in his school. To give all students the chance to learn English, we were spread so thinly to meeting each class only twice in 2 months and only for an hour. So yesterday was my second time to teach in his class, but it wont be the last. Of all classes, his got 3 slots so I'll be seeing him one more time....How can I tell him it's okay to show his big smile?