September 13, 2010

Mother and Child

The picture has gone blurry but the memory is still clear.

I took this photo when Michelle was two. This was the time when all guests had left and Michelle couldn't wait to open all her gifts. I remember that day so well. Michelle's mom, my dear sister, wanted her first child's 2nd birthday to be a special event, just like the first and the following birthdays. I was always my sister's assistant in events like this. She wanted the best for her child. She's the doting mother. And the two were inseparable.

A week before Michelle turned 12, her mom was suppose to be flown to the capital city for a major surgery. The night before the flight, she wrote me a letter full of love, faith and hope to be home again and be reunited with the whole family. Sadly, she didn't see the next day, for she was taken to her real home with the Lord, and there she waits to be reunited with her family.

In her letter, she asked me only one request.

On Sunday, the 2-year old child in the picture is going to be a bride, and she is longing for her mom. What a powerful bonding that cannot be erased by years of absence! I will be there at the wedding but no one can take her mother's place. 

The mother's image may go blurry but not her memory imprinted in the heart of her child.

"Children and mothers never truly part -
Bound in the beating of each other's heart."
- Charlotte Gray


Mrs. Santos said...

What a beautiful post. And I bet the same could be said of sisters too...God bless your family and the wedding.

Anonymous said...

beautiful . . .
Ate Theresa

It'sSteph said...

Just catching up and always blessed. I pray for great joy at your niece's wedding. I pray for peace as you move. I must say I admire you- very hard for me to even think of leaving our home for another- but His grace is sufficient- but I prefer to believe it is abundant.

grace said...

i'm soooo touched......