April 23, 2011

That we may have life....abundantly!

I jogged around our quiet campus this morning. It's Black Saturday. No class. No need to wake up early. Thus, the silence around the campus and the neighboring area. Some have gone to their provinces for the Holy Week celebration. I was quite shocked to notice how the week is celebrated here in the Philippines. I lived in a communist country for 5 years, then in a Muslim country for almost 3 years after that, and now in a Buddhist country for 4 years. Coming back to the Philippines made me feel like a tourist of my own country. "So, this is how religious Filipinos are!" I said to myself, outside a closed mall yesterday. I couldn't find a place to buy my needed groceries. All shops, big and small, were closed for two days! It's good. Welcome to the only Christian nation in Asia!

But many people don't quite get it....

Two weeks ago, I interviewed some people representing different provinces regarding the Filipino beliefs and rituals surrounding the Holy Week. The interview was part of the requirements in my Cultural Worldview class. It's good to know how the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ is remembered with much reverence. But sad to say, many people think that "the Lord is dead" again. Thus, all the taboos during the Holy Week especially after 3pm of Friday until sunrise on Sunday. "Don't take a bath; don't cut your nails; avoid using sharp objects; avoid traveling, etc. The Lord is dead. He cannot save you from harm. If you cut yourself, the healing of the wound takes slow or not at all!"

Christ died ONCE and for ALL. He didn't die again this year. He rose on the third day after He was crucified 2000 years ago. He is alive forevermore. In case we forget, the yearly Holy Week is a celebration of life. We should not be in mourning. He paid for our sins. No penance can equal to what He has done. We only need to receive His forgiveness.

So I jogged around. No trace of death was seen. Birds chirped, flowers bloomed, greeting the new day.

"...I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly."
John 10:10

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Larry said...

Beautiful post... thank you! L

KitK said...

First, I so love your header. It's beautiful.

The flowers are also beautiful. Happy Mellow Yellow Monday sis.

chubskulit said...


Please come and see my yellow, have a great week!!

stardust said...

Perfectly lovely collage! Each flower has its own beauty and makes my heart bright with pleasant, soft, and rich color. Thank you for sharing.