July 29, 2011

A Day in a Farm

 My little Zoe, being an animal lover, always wanted a life in a farm and so yesterday we took our girls along with their fellow homeschoolers to a farm resort called "The Scenery" where they fed sheep and enjoyed petting them. they all had a blast around animals and I already thought at the beginning of the day we were there that it would be a fun and educational field-trip for all of us, including parents. I have thought about looking up Guide to Online Schools and maybe adding some online vet tech programs to our homeschooling curriculum. I know Zoe would be interested!

My own farm-girl's heart was also satisfied as I had my "tea talk" with my fleecy friends :-)

Life in the big city can be stressful and so once in a while it's good to run away to a quiet place, have some down time, and enjoy some fresh air. I'm glad that my dh made it happen by driving all of us for 4 hours each way.
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The drive was longer than our stay at the farm but it was worthwhile. I also get to spend time with another homeschool mom who also appreciatesa life away from the big city.

My heart was blessed to see my girls enjoyed being "close to earth" and know that there are more special way of celebrating birthdays aside from having a balloon-filled parties. 
My farm girls with their cousin, James.
A little late birthday celebration for Zoe 
My first to try archery and definitely not the last.
Hitting the target is as hard as in real life but with all the fun we had at the farm, I'm sure we hit the goal!

Happy birthday, dear Zoe!

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Belly Charms said...

Great photos!!! And I am you 100th follower too:) Have a wonderful weekend.

Illinois Lori said...

Hi Ruth! Sorry I am so late commenting...I love this post! So many fun things here...the tea cups for the sheep are adorable!!! I love the peace that I feel when on a farm. I need to get close to the earth, too, and away from concrete and glass. Love your archery picture...we did target archery for many years, it is a wonderful sport! Thanks for joining us this week!


Christine said...

Hi, Ruth! I'm late visiting your blog; I'm sorry! What a fun day you had. I love those tea cups for the sheep--they're definitely ready for Tea Talk this week. ;)

By the look on Zoe's face, you really hit the bulls-eye for her birthday wish!

Love to you!