July 16, 2010

A Task , An Opportunity

I looked outside from our classroom on the third floor. I could hear tiny feet running down the stairs. My students ran fast to beat time. 

They wanted to play before parents call them for supper. I, too, needed to be home to prepare supper for my family.

Our class ended at 6:30pm, just about time when the street lights turned on.
"You have this opportunity to study English for free, don't waste it." I would tell everyone before we start our lesson. They understood how expensive English programs were in this city, so they gladly gave their attention to me.

"Class is over!" What a relief for all of us. A task yet an opportunity, for them to study, for me to serve, to touch precious young lives.

That day is past. I saw it once and will never see it again. What was done is done.
For me and my students, we did our best.

I will pass this way but once if there's any good that I can do
Let me do it now for I'll never pass this way again
I will see this day but once if there's any kindness I can show
Let me show it now for I'll never see this day again..
-Song Lyrics by Glen Campbell 

Enjoy more sky views here:


Jossie said...

What a nice series of pictures. They really tell a story.

Purnima@a creative project said...

Breathtaking & Beautiful pictures!!

Anzu said...

You could capture so beautiful sky and
various color of clouds !! I love all of them.
Thank you (*゚▽゚)ノ

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Gorgeous shots that express feelings so well captured.

radonvilliers said...

Lovely and wise post.
As I was told by one of my great children when he was six years old "You know tomorrow has never been before".

Anonymous said...

"the day is past, will not see again. what was is done" >>>> it is really a good reminder! Treasure our time to serve and please HIM! Yeah!


Guy said...

Dramatic skyes!

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