September 25, 2011

I Got My Visa To Bangladesh!!!

We have lots of visa issues these days, so when I went to the embassy to apply for a visa to Bangladesh, I prayed really hard. More so when I went back to collect my visa. Two applicants before me were denied. I've been wanting to go to this trip so I was so relieved when I got my visa.  I'm looking forward to this trip.

My dear friend was invited to be the main speaker in a Women's Conference in one province in Bangladesh. She invited me to go with her and she gave me one topic to share. I'm excited. It's my first time to be in Bangladesh. I'm eager to see this green country,  new friends, and appreciate the culture. This is another opportunity to learn and to trust God for the unknown.

I did my research as part of my preparation, and would like to share some details with you.

The People's Republic of Bangladesh lies in a corner of South Asia and in the eastern part of the ancient region of Bengal. The nation's name literally means "The Country of Bengal." Lying north of the Bay of Bengal, where the world's largest river delta meets the sea, it borders India to the west, north, and east and Myanmar to the southeast. Its population, which is approaching 150 million, is seventh highest in the world but is packed into an area the size of Iowa.*
 I'm amazed to know how large the population in Bangladesh and how small the country is. But I'm more amazed to know that despite the congestion, the country even takes in thousand of refugees, and the local people are fine with it.

Bangladesh could serve as a model, especially for its neighbors, for how people can live closely together and remain congenial. Though it is largely Muslim, the country has a sizable number of Hindus and other minorities. But one rarely hears of sectarian strife in Bangladesh. The country even takes in thousands of foreign refugees on its already crowded soil and the world never hears of any problems or complaints with the situation.*
For now, I'm sharing to you information from another source but I will definitely share more from my own experience and observation once I get there.


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purethoughts said...

wow congrats te!! :)

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Wow! Congratulations! I am rejoicing with you Ate. God bless!

imriz said...

oh, wow! this is awesome. enjoy the scenery and the learning opportunity that comes with it :)

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Wow Congratulations! :)

pasalubong ate..:)

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Congrats, I hope you have fun and safe trip! Happy Ruby Tuesday!

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Congratulations! Enjoy your trip.

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I am excited for you!

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melandria said...

that's good to hear , good luck to you and stay safe always.