September 26, 2011

We have one but fragile life....

The sudden death of a dear uncle is still a shock to me until now. We chatted online and 2 days after that I received  the sad news. He's in his prime age where his business was booming and his first 2 sons graduated from college while the other 2 are also finishing their degrees. He's just gotten his new SUV and life seemed pretty normal until that day when he collapsed at work. Heart attack, that's what they said.

Every now and then, my husband and I would talk about our own death to kind of prepare us for what is sure to come. It's hard not to get emotional but the more we talk about it, the easier it gets. "It's part of being responsible parents" he said. "I know that God will take care of our family but we also need to make a plan for the children."  So we have made some agreements on how it would be if either one of us go first.  We had to talk about things like education funds for the children. Maybe we also need to talk more about insurances like accident or Medicare supplement plans and even Social Security Administration. With the passing away of my uncle recently, the more we talked about those things more seriously.

Aside from preparing for our own exit from this side of life, my husband and I are now more conscious about taking care of ourselves.We are not getting any younger! We are given only one life and we have to be good stewards of that precious life that is given to us. I am not afraid of death because it is my entry point to my eternal home with my Heavenly Father. But if I could add a minute to my life here on earth, I would do so and make the most it.

Have you talked with your spouse or loved ones about these things? I know that no matter how we prepare for it, still, it would come hard and difficult but God will surely take care of us when we get there.

For such is God, Our God forever and ever; He will guide us until death. 
Psalm 48:14

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Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

My deepest sympathy to you and your family in the passing of your Uncle.

These issues and discussions came to the forefront for us when my Dad died this past summer. My Dad was a man who NEVER wanted to talk about his dying...not even with his were VERY surprised to learn, upon his death, that he had not even secured so much as a burial plot for himself. My brothers and sister and I did not want my mother to be troubled with these things and were very thankful that we were there to do it all for her...She...on the other hand...also took that time to sit us all down and talk about HER inevitable death...she did not want us to face the same thing in her own passing and therefore, she wanted to "talk it all out" with us while "death and dying" were on our minds.

I think it gave my mother great peace to do this.

And...I am now talking to my husband about our deaths...

One of my best friends is battling cancer...and is losing the battle. She has 5 beautiful children, the youngest just a baby...

This too, makes us talk about it even she is our fact....7 years younger.

As Christians, we need not fear death...and yet...for some reason...we hesitate to discuss these matters.

Your post has reminded me that we must be good stewards for the physical bodies and lives God has given to us...and yet good stewards of our spirits and prepare ourselves (and our loved ones) for the time that will come to go home to the Father.

Thank you for sharing this with us.