October 16, 2010

Creativity Unlimited

This post is a day late. I was hooked on accounting yesterday. Had battle with spreadsheets and excel but I think I did a good job. Yay!

Let me just share my random creation recently amid the busyness after moving to our new house.

A Diaper cake for my sister's in-law baby shower. She just had given birth to another baby boy. I created this cake with mobile in an hour. Thanks to the supermarket across our street. i easily found all material I needed. The pole in the middle is a part of the towel hanger in my bathroom :) The other diaper cake is made by a friend.

Some Comfort Food:

I love how the wheat bread turned out. Dh prepared the dough last night. I woke up early to bake it for our breakfast. So yummy!


Friend Banana (turon) for snack.

I wrapped  a slice of ripe banana and ripe jack-fruit with spring roll wrapper, and fried it with sugar caramel.
This goes well with soda or any frizzy drinks!

Birthday Cake for my student who turned 10 this week. As usual, I used fresh flowers from my garden to adorn his cake.

My Beach Garden is my latest creation.

See more of my garden photos here.

My friend Lori is hosting FarmGirl@Heart every Friday. You are welcome to join and share anything you've grown/created/made. Be it in your garden or in your kitchen, or any crafts and hobbies you have! Click on the badge to meet the host and other farmgirls@heart.


Illinois Lori said...

Hi Ruth! I love your beach garden, that pulls at my heartstrings! We live in Illinois, no seashells here...but we vacation often in Florida, and have collected and brought home MANY shells. It's turned into a tradition to bring home a shell or a lovely stone from beautiful places we visit, and they often end up under my tree, amongst the flower pots, outside my dining room window. Some of the stones are not so beautiful, they're ordinary, but the boys brought them from our old house when we moved.

I love the ssea glass, too (visited the other photos with the link you posted), it's so colorful!

PS: Still praying for you with your new situation, and am asking God to bless you with peace, safety, sleep at night, and for your neighbors to be blessed and changed by your presence there!

Ruth said...

Thanks for the prayers, Lori. Good to hear you love collecting sea shells, too.
We are getting good sleep now. Someone did the talking for us, and that lessen the neighbors' noise at night. But this morning, we discovered that our car had a nasty scratch on the side. Someone for sure hit it while it's park outside our gate. Oh well, earthly things and cares of this world. There are more important things to do so I'm saving my breath :-)
It's good to keep counting blessings!

Katia said...

O Ruth, this was fun to read. What beautiful and fun celebrations. I have a dear friend who collects seashells and she decorates her mantle in the summer with them. I love seashells, but only have a few. We fry bananas in Brazil, but we roll it in Cinnamon and sugar. Never had it the way you cooked yours. I bet it's very good.

Christine said...

Hi, Ruth! Your bread looks yummy, and I absolutely adore your diaper cake! You've given me some good decorating ideas with your beach garden; how lovely!

Love in Him,

Annie Kate said...

What a lovely diaper cake! I've never seen something like that. It is very creative.


Annie Kate

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

This is wonderful!
Tell me...what is "jack-fruit"?
Whatever it is...it looks DELICIOUS!
Thanks for sharing your photos...you are so gifted!