October 7, 2010

Skywatch Wedding

I promised to post more pictures I took during my niece's wedding. I was part of the entourage so I had only limited opportunity to take photos during the ceremony but I had the bride's permission to share their official wedding photos.

So here's the promise.

 The bride wanted it to be a twilight wedding where the background is the sunset. 
"More romantic", she said.

 So we prayed for a good weather because it had been raining days before the big day.

..and God granted her heart's desire.

 It was very romantic, indeed!

 But as we all know, there's always this "Joy-stealer" that is always trying to find ways to rob joy from God's people, especially from those who are enjoying the blessings and sanctity of Holy Matrimony. The enemy uses people or circumstances to do this. And on this wedding, since all people refused to be his instrument, he blew the electric transformer off.

But his trick only revealed the glorious sky that proved God's favor on the newly-wed couple.

 Before the lights were back, the couple had already said their beautiful vows to each other under the perfect moonlight.

Marriage is designed by God. It must be beautiful!
Ruth @ Daily Divine

Watch the sky around the world here:


Anonymous said...


What lovely wedding pictures! The decorations are unique, but lovely.


-Lady Rose

P.S. I miss your visits at "The Castle." :)

Mrs. Santos said...

One of the most beautiful weddings I have ever seen...wow.

Luna Miranda said...

gorgeous skies, and yes, a romantic background for a wedding. where is this place?

Ruth said...

The wedding was in Robinsons Highlands, Davao City Philippines. Thanks!

FlowerLady said...

This was truly a romantic wedding, very lovely with God's beautiful handiwork filling the sky.